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July 2015 - The Antigua & Barbuda Rifle Association (ABRA) and one of its members are headed to court.

This after the Antigua & Barbuda Shooting Club (ABSC), filed an injunction against the association’s plans to have an election held in February of this year, ruled null and void.

President of the ABSC Thomas Greenaway made the revelation on Monday, stating that the move is not a personal one against any member or members of the present executive.

“There was a previous executive prior to this one but we basically want a new election to be held and that’s the long and short of it. I don’t really have an issue with the executive other than the executive is not really an executive because the association should not be made up of more than three members of anyone club. There is no fair representation on the executive,” he said.

“The articles were specifically constituted in a particular way so that everybody would have a fair share on the executive and right now you have one club as the Rifle Association so right now I don’t even know which is the club and which is the association.”

The club’s contention, according to Greenaway, is that the February election was held outside the perimeter of the association’s constitution with only one of four clubs taking part.

“The election that was held in February was held with only one team (club) present. The Antigua & Barbuda Riffle Association is made up of four shooting teams in Police, Defence Force, the Antigua & Barbuda Shooting Club and the Antigua & Barbuda Sharp Shooters, and only the Antigua & Barbuda Sharp Shooters were present at the elections,” Greenaway said.

“Our articles and incorporations states (clause 8.1) that the executive should be made up of basically, the four clubs,” he added.

Greenaway, who was a vice president with the previous executive, said the matter, which came up in the courts on July 21, has since been postponed for October 21.

The national shooter said his club has even sought the intervention of both the NOC and the Minister of sports but to no avail.

“We wrote to the Minister of Sports months ago and that was some time, I think, in March and to be honest, we have not had any response from Mr Chet Greene or anybody out of the office. The letter was hand-delivered to Mr Greene and he has not responded to us in any way from March until now,” he said.

“The president (of the NOC, Chet Greene) was the one and we said it was not a problem and we don’t have a problem holding off the election,” he added.

President of the ABRA, Neville Fenton, opted not to comment when contacted by The Daily OBSERVER.

In February, Fenton barred three clubs from taking part in the association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and elections. He also threatened that the clubs, Police, Army and the Antigua & Barbuda Shooting Club, could have faced further sanctions.

The clubs were being pressured to bring their financial status up to date ahead of the February 12 elections.

Antigua Sharp Shooters was the only Club in good financial standings on the day of the elections held at the NOC office on Redcliffe Street.